This blog was born out of anger resulting from daily life experiences. As well as passionate love towards my job and digital products.

I never liked authors that explain simple matters with too much refinement. This blog uses realistic wording that every single one of us employs in daily situations. If you feel like your gentle feelings may be hurt by the highly artistic style of narration - you are kindly asked to fuck off.

Everything that you read in the blog is based on my own 10+ years of experience in product/project management. From the best dream startups everyone would like to work for to the worst mad circuses run by megalomaniac dictators. The shit that I've been through is enough to keep it running for another 100 years.

If you have a story of your own - wild and bleeding - send it in and maybe we will publish it here.

For now, welcome to Wild Ma-Gässli, the oasis of freedom of speech and truth about business and product management.
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